Unlocking the Secret to Donor Retention

Did you know that on average, nonprofits lose more than 60% of their donors each and every year? This donor churn creates unnecessary work and is not cost effective for nonprofits, especially those with limited capacity. In particular, we know that your next major donors are probably right under your nose and you don’t know it. Here are some tools to help you reverse this trend.


Key resources

Books and calculators that can be your guide that you can use to track your donor retention and engagement stats.


Online Learning

Want a refresher course on how to measure key donor retention metrics? Check out this Network for Good webinar.


E-Guide: Create a Plan that will propel your nonprofit forward

If we think about all the factors that motivate donors, a development plan becomes more like a playbook on how to build meaningful donor engagement that leads to increased retention and, ultimately, giving. Need some tips on how to write your organization’s best plan?